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~ Our Story ~

Our Heritage

Tuck as a boy
Tuck Beckstoffer, Age 8, Carneros, Napa Valley

Pioneers of the Napa Valley grape growing industry, the Beckstoffer family made the vineyards both their lives and their livelihood. Tuck grew up among the vines, hills and oak trees sprinkled across the Napa landscape.

As a teenager, he worked side-by-side with the vineyard workers and learned to coax the vines into balance. This experience whetted Tuck's appetite to learn more about the winemaking process as an adult. He traveled to study with winemaking legends in wineries both at home and abroad then launched his own brand in 1997. His first wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon, garnered critical acclaim and collectors and connoisseurs asked for more.

That demand continues today. With his wife, Boo, they tell their story through their wines, all with the philosophy to be "farmers first" and search out vineyards that Tuck can use to express his style. Each story is different, but all are crafted to over-deliver; to extract the very best the varietal can produce in that location. After a lifetime among the vines, Tuck and Boo continue to thrive on making wines that are chapters of the place they call home.

Our Team

“Our purpose is to create wines that reflect the place where they are grown and curate an experience that enriches the lives of those who enjoy them.”

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