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Melée Grenache Rosé

Many years ago, Tuck Beckstoffer was traveling in Southern France and fell in love with the Grenache wines being made from the area. Tuck writes, “Big, dark, elegant wines oozing with passion and varietal flavor. Unmistakable. I began collecting these wines and opening them for friends as often as I could. A few years ago, I discovered a small Grenache vineyard in Central California that reminded me of the vineyards I had visited in France. The soils are comprised of huge amounts of broken shale and a touch of limestone, which is very unusual for California. The climate is ideal for Grenache — warm, if not hot, days that are countered by the cooling breezes of the Pacific at night. I tried to purchase the fruit but found that it was under contract. I waited, and I waited…Finally, I got the opportunity to purchase the fruit and now have a wine that is in bottle and ready to share with you.”


2017 Melée Rosé
(current vintage)

2016 Melée Rosé

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