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Pioneers of the Napa Valley grape growing industry, the Beckstoffer family arrived in the valley in 1975. The family settled into the landscape with ease and made the vineyards their lives and livelihood. Tuck grew up among the vines, hills, and oak trees of the Napa countryside.

As a teenager, Tuck worked side-by-side with the vineyard crews and learned the way of the vines. This was a formative experience that eventually fueled Tuck’s desire to learn more about the winemaking process. As an adult he traveled to study with fellow craftsmen at legendary wineries both at home and abroad.

The Tuck Beckstoffer brand was founded in 1997—a culmination of a life of farming and an unquenchable thirst for great wine. Today, the wines tell their story through the vines. Tuck is a farmer first and seeks out vineyards to express his distinct style. Every wine and its story are different, but they all share a common goal— to represent the very best that varietal can produce in that soil, in that location. After a lifetime among the vines, Tuck continues to thrive on making wines with a deep sense of place, each one a chapter of the place that he calls home.

While Tuck constantly strives to move the industry forward, he still fondly remembers the Napa Valley of the 1970’s—full of open spaces. His respect for the land gives him a profound understanding of farming and what distinguishes a truly great growing site—the trademark of Tuck Beckstoffer Estate and its unique portfolio of wines.